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I had a daydream.

Have you noticed that there’s loads of folk working their butts off and getting no free time, no chance of a holiday, no money for fun times, no time for family and friends and smiles and laughter, and who are also meanwhile, drowning in a downwards spiral, deeply consumed in debt.

I have literally, as I type, just come up with the solution.


Why can’t everybody work 3 days out of 7, where your job could be allocated to you according to your mobility, skills, motivation etc.

Thats just threeeee days of say 8 hour work.

Four days off.

The three days that suit you best, you work.


Subject to change.

You might end up settling for a job you wouldn’t love, but everyone does that anyway, so it couldn’t be worse. And it’s worth it cos you get so much free time.

Plus, folk in higher positions would be getting the same pay as say their receptionist, so there would be more pressure for actual work to be done, as they are working for the status rather than the money and therefore have to actually earn respect.

Then it wouldn’t just be the weekends that businesses like nail bars, restaurants, takeaways, hair salons, clubs and bars would get busy. It’d become a consistent flow for them, plus they’d have employees who were enthusiastic because they’d also get spare time for themselves. And no one would mind working weekends because everyday is great.

Weekends wouldn’t exist.

There would be people having nights off all over the place so life would be really social and people would connect with each other.

There’d be a really high wage so that everyone gets paid the same no matter their job, and so all a job really would mean is status, or if not, then  a purpose, rather than focused on money and a divide between the rich and the poor. If everyone sacrificed the same amount of time and was paid the same, then the only difference between the ‘well off’ and ‘not so’, would be their ability to not spend money. So in fact the money savvy poorer folk would probably, ironically become the richest.

Just a thought.

On another note before you get all defensive, I know it wont be anywhere near happening at the moment, because our lives now rely on competition between a few massive companies who own most of the brands out there. It doesn’t make economical sense for them to make things accessible to everyone. Then you cant justify charging crazy amounts for products because their designers would actually have to be good, and the banks couldn’t get you into debt and you wouldn’t waste your money on absolute crap.  (Because life would be so good, and you would be incredibly valued,  happy and fulfilled.)

Of course also the world we live in relies on the rich/poor divide. It makes me so sad and the extremes are so unnecessary.

I hate the commercialism we seem to get wrapped up in, and I’m trying really hard to not mention last Fridays events.

Consume. Consume. Consume.

No one wants you to be happy and fulfilled as much as I do, well apart from all of the other beautiful freethinking humans on the earth here with you.


If it wasn’t for the dreamers, life would be so dull.

The creatives, the musicians, the extroverts, the introverts, the artists, the free thinkers, the seemingly average Joes: every body deep down wants to be live happily and fulfilled.

We dont want suffering, nor do we want to suffer.

Those are the ones who can see past the money, and the things. The ones who know what that is all about and who choose to say no to the system, or at least understand it and acknowledge its existence.

If you think that one person can’t make a difference then you are most definitely mistaken.

We are not just flesh and blood. We have an immense power within us, that has been replaced with a fixation on material things, so rather than search deep inside ourselves for our contentment and peace, we think that want the biggest, bestest, newest, most designerest ‘thing’.

It’s madness.

The real maniacs are the ones who think this is normal behaviour.

Let’s not only think about this, but try to make something similar become a reality.

Just talking about it and questioning life as we are told it, is a babystep, so I’m starting there for now.


On another note, if I hear that Royal Blood song played once more on the radio tonight I’m gonna cut off my ears.



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