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Don’t let your emotions rule you.

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The day these photos were taken are very important.

This was my 26th birthday party in September 2012 in Barcelona, and most importantly, the morning before these photos were taken, I wanted to kill myself.

I look at these now and can see that I do not look like someone who felt that way, but I did.

At this point, I had reached rock bottom, again.

I want people who feel like ending their lives, to know that tomorrow is always better, and if you don’t believe me then hold off cos there’s next Tuesday, next month, next year or something to look forward to, and slowly but surely you can build your life back up. If that’s not enough imagine how many people will suffer because of you.

Suck it up and stay alive.

Don’t do it, because life is full of ups and downs and it is a chemical imbalance. You aren’t thinking clearly and lets suppose you have one chance at life on earth so you better try make the most of it. Who knows what you’ll miss out on.

Please don’t do it.

The ones who love you save you.

Sometimes you cant see them but they are there.

For once I don’t think I can write any more about this so I’ll leave it at that, and with the thought,

‘Our greatest glory lies not in never failing, but instead rising up everytime we fall’

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