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Lola Update

I thought I was well overdue an update!

I have sorted so much stuff off my list!

Lola, my beautiful greyhound has been re-homed. It was a pretty sudden event, but in all honesty I have to give credit to The Greyhound Awareness League who within one week of contact had found a new home for her. They called me up on the Sunday to tell me they had found a new family to look after her. I avoided calling them back until Monday, and they requested to pick her up that evening. Last minute turned out to be better for me, because I was so upset that I couldn’t hold in the tears in the last few hours that Ii had with her. It was very emotional, and I’m very glad that my friend Danielle and Stu, plus my flatmate Micaela, were all there to help me with the process, I bagged up her bed, food and toys and she went away in the car with the woman from the Greyhound Awareness League. I know she will have a great life and that her staying here in Scotland is fairer than trying to transport her to Australia. Lola was more than just a dog to me. She was a best friend and she made us laugh so often that she will never be forgotten.

I’m feeling much more positive about things, and most definitely less stressed!

Only 25 days to go!

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We all know what will make us happy and successful in the long term, but we often choose the quick, easy & temporary fix.

For example, sleeping in real late ( I’m so guilty of this) rather than getting up and doing things that long term make our life easier &  feel good and less stressed out.

If I write a list of what I really want and what makes me happy, none of them (really) involve lying in every day, it should be a nice treat and I know that deep down.

I think it’s important to write down the things that make you really buzz and feel ALIVE in order to head on the path to your dream life.

So here’s my list.

*Everyone’s is different, but here’s a wee snippet of some of mine*

  • Being around my friends SOBER, giggling a good hearty laugh, hanging out with my boy & the obvious 😉
  • Babbling over numerous cups of tea( especially with my pal Dani, long overdue mate!) for hours on end, and not realising the time.
  • Exploring new places & travelling the world. The beaches, the sun, the language, the flavours. Feeling the heat on my skin, the smell of a tan, and the feeling of freedom and opportunity.
  • Drawing, creating unique art, showcasing your vision of your world. Writing and inspiring.
  • Burlesque, watching performers, performing and creating routines. The buzz of the stage, it gets me every time and I remember why the nerves were worth it.
  • Running & yoga. I bloody love these two things ESPECIALLY. Why am I not doing them regularly?!
  • Eating fresh, healthy, earthy cruelty free food & nourishing my body. This was one of the key factors in my recovery from numerous almost fatal eating disorders and I could not be more thankful for my path on vegan-ism.

We are all connected.

One person making a few changes in their life which alters their happiness & therefore changes their perception of the world without a doubt also affects the people around them.

So, me changing a few aspects of my life can then in turn easily affect my parents life for the better. They know that I feel good and they have one less thing to worry about or feel responsible and more to feel proud of. In turn, surely their friends/partners/relatives/colleagues notice this change and it acts like a sort of  chain reaction. My encounters with everyone would also be much more positive and so it would spread to people they meet & know too.

If I am down and not taking positive steps forward in my life, then when I have say, a negative encounter with a customer at work, then I may be more susceptible to take that personally. If I am truly content and secure, then I will have the clarity and the ability to know that the customers negative actions are in fact not at all my fault or responsibility and therefore will not affect me. In theory, preventing anybody else’s troubles becoming or adding to mine. This makes perfect sense (to me, anyway). I hope you’re still with me.

The best thing to do to be happy and fulfilled is pretty obvious and we all know deep down….

Do the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

(On a side note, when I write these things, it’s kinda like I’m teaching myself what I already know,but don’t put into action. I’m not writing this as if I’m a pro and do all these things, but really instead as a collection of my thoughts that I know I need to collect and articulate and share, to help myself. This is my therapy, and hopefully it helps you too. )

So here’s some tips. 

  • If you dislike your current situation, write down things you often do & how they make you feel both long-term and short-term. For example: ‘I work hard all week so I go out on a Friday & Saturday and get absolutely blootered’ (Scottish for drunk, very drunk!) and note how you feel at the time and then how you feel by Monday. Long-term, is that sustainable and are you reaching your goals through repeating that every week? Focus on the ones that make you feel good both short term and long term, they’re keepers!
  • Do you justify your actions because ‘everyone’ else does it.? Truth is, everyone else probably doesn’t. At least not the successful ones.
  • Think of alternatives. If there’s things you can change to give yourself a happy balance, then work on that. Don’t cut out everything you love if it doesn’t have good long-term gain. Go out one night a week instead of two, you’ll appreciate it more, just like that lie in. Change your job to one you enjoy more even if it’s less pay. You’ll be happier in general and not be spending so much money on material crap to try make your life bearable outside of work.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but I’ll maybe revisit this topic again soon!

I hope this helped you to focus on being a wee bit more in control of your life and reaching your goals.

Much love ❤


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“I am a Master Pretender”- First Aid Kit

(Firstly. I wrote this listening to this song on repeat. Put it on or your most insirational tune and then begin to read for the full effect: or type into Spotify First Aid Kit – Master Pretender)

Like most people I can really suffer from low self esteem.

For some it is extreme and for others sometimes it’s just a wee dip, but we all feel a wee bit of low self esteem sometimes.

Over the years I have developed techniques to make me more confident and I’ve tried to compile some of them for you.

First off, the most important thing is that YOU LOVE YOURSELF, but of course you don’t feel like you do.

So now we have to pretend a bit.

I like pretending, we were all really good at it as kids.

By this I don’t mean lie. I mean we can pretend we have confidence until it becomes more natural.

Who seem to be the most naturally confident people? Famous people! Many who are ACTORS  and models. Being a pretender is their job! They’re pros!

So here’s some tips.

Remember, that it’s not selfish,

You deserve a wonderful life.

It isn’t selfish at all.

You are a unique and beautiful being.

Walk with pride and embrace that your thoughts, movements, ideas, aims, are different from others round you.

Everything is perfect.

You can be anyone or anything you want to be.

Carry yourself high.

Be proud of yourself.

Here are the things that I really like to do:


  • If it doesn’t inspire you, tidy it away: Leave things around your home that remind you of people you are proud of or honoured to have as friends and who know and who respect you. If you cant find anything or don’t have photos like this, then put up a certificate or a reminder of something you have achieved. Make it prominent.  If you have made things, display them, if you have tickets or memories of good times put them out on display on the wall or on a notice board.  Get creative and make sure that when you wake up everyday you are reminded of your greatness, no matter how small importance it may seem. I have definitely surprised myself with how great it feels to see a picture of a happy time on my wall in the morning and I think, “Wow I remember way back then, I remember, how I never knew that I could ever be where I actually am now in my life, and now, look here I am, and look at all I have accomplished.” Sometimes that is all it takes… Sometimes our past achievements can feel like dreams. It’s almost hazy and we wonder how we ever did them… Keeping them out and rotating them every so often keeps this fresh and keeps us WANTING to do more to change it! I like to put my own art in my house, and I have a notice board in my kitchen which I put photos of my close friends and family, or just even random good times. I rotate this every month or so, and put new and often old photographs of fun times up. Sometimes it really helps you to remember to get in touch with someone you had forgotten about or remind you how great your friendship was. I like to hang jewellery I love that inspires me, in areas of my house, I only use mugs that are bright and colourful, I try to only be surrounded by positive objects and everything else is tidied away in cupboards/drawers. These things inspire me, and make me happy so they are displayed.


  • Have a music supply readily available in the areas of your home that you spend the most time in: I find that when I wake up and head to the kitchen to put a kettle on, hitting the ON switch on the radio is the best thing. I listen to tunes first thing, I have a wee sing song and a dance round in my Pj’s. I salvaged a digital radio last year that my mum was gonna fling out and it is now my favourite. I set it to a good reliable station, so there is always nice positive background noise, and personally I find this ESPECIALLY important first thing in the morning. It sets the mood for the day and is always great later on as the kitchen is the social area in my house, where everyone gets together and has a good laugh. It reminds me of laughter and good times. It makes me feel social even if I’m by myself. I even respond to the radio presenters. Ha! Personally this makes me feel like I have company when I don’t and builds my confidence for the day.





  • Get a pet: I am very lucky, in that I can have a dog, and don’t get me wrong, it can be really hard work, but I chose a very mellow, chilled out breed well (Greyhound in case your interested! ) Having her around can be really helpful for my self esteem.  This wee pooch loves me and gets excited by my return to the house. She wants to hang out with me, share my food and my bed and basically we are best pals cos I wanna hang out with her too ( I’ll skip on sharing her food or bed though!) You don’t need to feel bad though if your circumstances mean you can’t have a dog. I also have a fish.  She’s a character. She murdered the other two fish in the tank. ( I did have three!) She also gets excited by my presence as the food dropper. It’s therapeutic. You can buy a fish, it’s something to concentrate on, put a little energy into. You make a friend, you have a wee character in your life. I have ‘Sharon the mad wee fish that ate Seana & Dan’s eyeballs out’! I can leave her for days and she’s cool, she doesn’t need walked, but she’s there and she needs me and that’s great for self esteem. She’s over there right now as I write this in my kitchen and I don’t feel alone at all.



  • Create a cosy, welcoming environment: Whenever I’m feeling down, it is reflected in my house and/ or bedroom especially. When life feels manic, my room is insane. Creating an organised system and having a friend to help you out at first if it seems too hard/overwhelming by yourself to manage is brilliant. When my house is tidy. everything seems better. I sleep better, I know where things are and it’s easier to keep that way. Never be ashamed to ask a friend for help or to explain to them you are struggling to keep on top of things. We are all only human and think how you would respond and if they were in the same position. My best friend Micaela would often come round and help me tidy when I was in a really bad place.




  • Clear out unhelpful clutter: Bad memories and bills etc can really clog up your energy so store everything unhelpful away, give them a place, make it a drawer and keep  them so they aren’t out on show. This also counts for clothes, or keepsakes that have a negative memory. Throw away clothes that do not fit you. If you lose weight do you really wanna wear something that has been sat in your wardrobe for three years. No. Throw it out. Treat yourself to something new.  Do you really wanna be reminded everyday of your past heartaches?  No. Keep them, respect them and put them aside in storage. I like to keep memory boxes, I fill them and store them away and when I feel ready I like to have a look through at old photos and memories. Sometimes it’s good for a cry. Then you put them away again. No point in torturing yourself.


  • Love your body: Appreciate your body. It is a beautiful vessel. Look after it and respect it. I can be pretty lazy sometimes, but I do try to eat well most of the time. Everyone has their own thing. Something I have learnt is to stop worrying about thinking . FULL STOP.  If you worry you’re too fat or too thin to do something, or that people are judging you based on that,  I know for a fact that I have been stick thin and worried that people thought I was too fat and I have been hanging out with really ‘cool’ people thinking I wasn’t cool enough. What are we thinking!??! ALL, AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE BLOOMIN’ ONE of my friends are my friends because they are the most lovely people.  I  could not give one care to what they look like/ how cool/skinny/chubby/awkward/awesome they look because I love them and I love WHO THEY ARE. It really actually doesn’t matter, no one is thinking about us what we think of ourselves, and even if they are, so what?! Let’s get over it! Somehow I still struggle with this one. I often feel awkward  and this is where I normally put the next bit of advice into action.


  • Positive affirmations:Look at yourself in a mirror before you go out, and complement yourself. About anything. Your clothing choice, your smile, your nice teeth. your cute squinty nose. Find something, anything about yourself that you think ‘That is actually pretty cool, and it’s unique to me!’ Find it and have a wee laugh in the mirror and feel high that you are you, even just laugh that you are sitting in front of a mirror doing this.  Learn to laugh at yourself. embrace bad photos where you don’t look great because the memory was good. You can write down your affirmations an put them somewhere you will see them daily. Even simple things like ‘I am a good person.’ I also made a ‘Treasure Map’ which is a collection of images that I compiled to create one large image of how I want my life to be and the things I most value and seek. I set this as my desktop photo on my laptop, so I see it everyday and I am reminded of what I am aiming for. I noticed a massive positive shift in my life since I did this.



  • Fuck them: My big sister taught me this. She probably doesn’t know that I use it as often as I do. But I call it ‘The Fuck You!” She told me that when she felt vulnerable in the street late at night, if she clocked some lurkers in the street, she would play ‘Rage Against The Machine- Killing in the name of’… in her head, and stride to it, with a bit of feist in her eye. Well, I like to do this, but I’ve expanded it’s use, I use it when people make me feel intimidated, or try to hurt me, or are mean to me, I put on the biggest goddam smile and I sing that song in my head and I stride away as the better man. With a great tune in my head. And ten times outta ten I forget I was even mad or feeling vulnerable. Plus, I’m smiling.


  • Smile and laugh: When times are hard, I like to force laughter. I chat away to my dog, I make daft videos, I send funny messages to people, leave ridiculous voicemails, I try to cheer others up. Take the focus away from yourself. Find an activity, find new people where the chat is lighthearted, if your relationships with friends are stale and negative, then change it up for a while. Start something new, sometimes friendships are so close they become negative because you are so comfortable. Have some time apart. Book an adventure. Be better at something. Organise a meetup, create a new group of friends. Don’t let fear hold you back.


I know I am a good person. I know you are too. You know you are, really deep down too. What makes you feel good? Do it more. Find more things and more things that make you buzz! Writing this makes me feel good about me.  This is my release.  And so I have one more….My last, last, very last tip to help boost your self esteem is to help other people:

  • Admit you’re wrong even when you really don’t feel you are.
  • Tip people/ give someone the last of your change that you might need.
  • Give random people compliments.
  • Instead of making up an excuse, tell the truth about something that scares you.
  • Listen.
  • Appreciate your friends and be there for them.
  • Ask questions about others in conversations and focus on other peoples lives during catch ups rather than your own.
  • Smile.
  • When you laugh, let yourself go.
  • Experiment with laughter, laugh loud, laugh little, laugh high, laugh low.
  • Have fun, I came outta the shower last week and danced round the kitchen naked whilst my flatmate sat there giggling. Life’s too short. I wasn’t worried for a moment about the size of my butt.
  • Wiggle, jiggle, laugh, relax, have fun.
  • Make others laugh, don’t worry about looking silly.
  • Give something back, become involved in your community and positive about where you call home.
  • Share everything you have. You will always get it back tenfold. Give food, give laughter, kindness, generosity, your truth, give in to everything. It is the most empowering thing you can do.


Thank you for reading this.

I actually wrote this blog in particular for a few of my girlfriends who are going through a hard time. They are beautiful strong women and I love them and I haven’t been able to be there quite as much as I maybe should have. Each one of them has taught me a part of this. Mostly to laugh wholeheartedly and to smile and care and share…

I bloody love these girls.

Raquel, Kayleigh, Gaynor, Chelsea, Mac


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I have no words today so I borrowed these ones.


“How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn’t have any substance after all?

Like when you’ve split up with someone, and you try to communicate the way you feel, because you need to say the words, need to feel that somebody understands just how pissed off and frightened you feel. The problem is, they never do. “Plenty more fish in the sea,” they’ll say, or “You’re better off without them,” or “Do you want some of these potato chips?” They never really understand, because they haven’t been there, every day, every hour. They don’t know the way things have been, the way that it’s made you, the way it has structured your world. They’ll never realise that someone who makes you feel bad may be the person you need most in the world. They don’t understand the history, the background, don’t know the pillars of memory that hold you up. Ultimately, they don’t know you well enough, and they never can. Everyone’s alone in their world, because everybody’s life is different. You can send people letters, and show them photos, but they can never come to visit where you live.

Unless you love them. And then they can burn it down.”
― Michael Marshall Smith, Only Forward

earth fire windgrass

Earth, fire, wind.


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I love you. I love all of you. I love your skin and bones and flesh and moans. I love every little part of you and if I cannot love myself then I’m not sure I can ever be loved back.

There’s something funny been happening lately. I’ve been hanging out with some seriously beautiful, kind, gentle and insanely funny people. It is so, so, so true that whatever you put out into the universe you get it given right back at you! And that’s definitely what’s been happening.

I made a promise to myself a couple of weeks ago to smile everyday, to let go of my insecurities, to enjoy life, to not sweat the bad stuff.It is tough, but sometimes you have to just suck it up and stop being selfish and self indulgent. You don’t need a bottle of wine or a holiday to make you feel better, you need GOOD PEOPLE.  Real people, not even a long term pal. You need a chat in the local shop, a smile at a passer by, a cuddle in the street with someones dog. Just be kind. You need to let your hair down. You need a great chat. You need a twenty second cuddle! They’re my favourite, I hug everyone for at least 20 seconds, and here’s why:

Shake yourself, dance, laugh, just bloody laugh. Smiles and laughter are definitely the best therapy.

Kiss, cuddle, stretch, eat well, dance badly.

I am so grateful for everybody who has been around me the last few months. This hasn’t been the easiest time and I reached such a point that all I had left to do was to give this a chance. I just changed what I was doing. I simply changed my thoughts. You are always creating your reality. So, I smiled more, I stopped getting hurt by comments or conversations by strangers and by friends and realised if they have a problem that is all theirs and all I can do is accept it and be forgiven.  If you’re also going through a rough patch the best advice I can give you that I GUARANTEE works for me anyway, is to:













And remember that nothings real, nothings too much, too bad, nothings worth being depressed about, it’s all fixable and do-able.
You’re a beautiful unique being. You have control and you can choose whether or not to let other people affect your reality.

I used to sit in my room and cry alone because I felt like i deserved it because times had been bad. But it does NOT help, it doesn’t fix anything. You’re just enhancing and encouraging the negativity. It perpetuates the cycle.

Go out, get dressed up or down, whatever you want, be comfy in your skin, go meet people, be interesting, be the person you’ve always wanted to be. We are so flexible and we can change and adapt and evolve.

And YOU have the power to do all of these things.
It’s ALL about the journey not the destination.
This life is so exciting and full of opportunities so GO and make the most of it. Enjoy every day.

What am I supposed to do with a broken heart.



I’m sorry i just don’t buy it anymore.
Stop breaking my heart, stop pretending.

Am I supposed to cry, am I supposed to scream? Am I supposed to build the pieces back up from the last time you pulled them down?

What was I supposed to do?

What did you think would happen.

Answer my question.


Miss Scottish Pinup Pageant

I found out the other morning that I am a finalist for the Miss Scottish Pinup Pageant 2014 which will take place at The Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh on the 29th March.

I’m proper stoked ‘cos  was planning to head on over for the convention anyway and now it’s even more exciting!


I applied on a whim and genuinely didn’t expect o be given the chance to participate, so it’s a really great treat to get to take part in this event! 

I’m super excited! If you’re gonna be there then please get in touch and we can meet up! I’m bringing my right hand gal, Micaela Scott who is an awesome makeup artist.

I canny wait to be honest, lots to sort out before then, and a good few gym work outs before I’m gonna feel super duper confident on that stage but I’m genuinely just excited to take part and hang out at the convention.


Looking forward to hanging out with similar folks and meeting the other chicks! 🙂

See you soon Edinburgh!


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What lies behind you and what lies infront of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

No matter how good or bad I’m feeling, I can always find a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote to make sense of it all.

“What lies behind you and what lies infront of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

I have been real sensitive lately (stoating around with the sensation a big black cloud dragging over my head) and I think a lot of my friends have too. Everyone seems to be either not sleeping or sick or tired of life or some other thing that makes them feel rubbish. But let’s be honest this is because of the life we are told and are pressured to have. To work, to be the best to do everything, pay fines, abide the law, don’t question things, to work, work, work. You’re working for pennies for them but they charge you hundreds for the right to be warm. It’s insanity and the sooner we realise it, the better.

I travelled through South America a few years ago and it only cemented even more in my mind how life should be lived. I worked on a farm in Ecuador, we collected corn from the fields for hours in the mornings and the hot heat of the days (hard, hard work) then we played around, taught english,  climbed up waterfalls, swung over the river hanging onto long vines, we ran about, we TALKED, we had fun, and we ate some of the food we had gathered that day, cooking it together. No TV, no internet, no shower, no distraction, also, no toilet!



This beautiful unedited image of a horse was taken by my pal Louise Steven Mackie whilst we were lost trekking in the mountains from the jungle to the village we were staying in. We got separated from everyone, and one of my favourite things about Ecuador was the mist and the sensation of walking in the mountains way above the clouds. We saw this horse as we came over  the hill. It was the only life we saw in miles, and made us feel less lost. So peaceful, so tranquil. Ecuador is a beautiful, beautiful country. Please visit it if you can. I would give anything to go back.


We travelled with two Canadians we met in a cafe one day, Troy and Tristan (pictured trying to eat a worm) He found this earthworm and goddamn it was the biggest earthworm I have ever seen or thought could exist. Earth snake.  Tristan and Troy later came to stay with me and Louise in our apartment in Cusco, Peru. They had really smelly feet and were great banter. We miss them.

woohooooof woooooooooooof00 woooooof

woofing9999 woooohoooo99oooo

You can actually see the sea of clouds below us in the background. Amazing!


It was brilliant!

If there is one thing I could advise you to do it is to go travel. You DO NOT need loads of money. Go volunteer somewhere, do something good, and then expand your travels. And your mind. I ended up spending 9 months in S.A. It was some of the best times of my life. It was scary and unnerving, but there is nothing better than that to make you feel alive.

We did WOOFing on the farm (Working On Organic Farms) but our farm lady was particularly mental, so it made for a very interesting stay! We got held up by gunmen on a bus at 3am driving through Colombia and got mega robbed. The whole next day was awful, we sat trembling in a bus station but we got on with it, and if I’m totally honest, I miss my travelling amigo. Like when you are travelling your partner is always a given, always there for you without question cos you need each other so bad,  unlike real everyday life in Paisley, say.  But you know what. It’s all a lesson. And I appreciate everyday here now, but I even miss those chaotic trips through South America and I would go back there in a bees wing.

“What lies inside you and what lies infront of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Basically you make everything happen. You choose. Everything that happens you choose believe it or not. You decided to be who you are for whatever reason. You decided to be troubled, you decided to be hurt. But it’s a journey that you decided to take. So roll with it and don’t take it tooo seriously.

Meanwhile, since we’re talking about not being too serious… Me and my pal Louise liked to frequent the taxidermist museums in good ol’ South ‘merica (there’s loads!) and we found we had to keep returning in every town we saw one due to some hilarious finds. Feel free to hate me if you’re vegan, ( I mostly am too) but I wouldn’t ever condone butchering dead animals this way. It’s mentaaaal. But it definitely gave us some laughs when we were lost and lonely. The best one was the guy taking our money at the door who had Alzheimers real bad but it turned out he was the main taxidermist and soon every thing was clear. 100 percent respect to him though!


That really is red emulsion and a yellow bead for an eye.







Possibly the scariest thing is that I could fill a whole blog post on even more horrific taxidermy photos we took on our journeys so this is just a taster!

Hope I didn’t scar you too badly with these images… New blog posts coming soon with more up to date news.

I will do a whole taxidermy post if necessary, and I must give all credit for every photograph in this blog post to my good friend Louise Steven Mackie who I met in the depths of Cusco, Peru, fell in love with and travelled on a whirlwind romance through South America together. We  know too much about each other to not stay pals.

I remember the day she told me “I don’t wanna live like you! It’s not bad it’s just different!”

Never a truer word was said. Just live your own life.  Do what you want to do and along the way you will meet excellent people and do excellent things. But don’t ever let fear get in the way.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

What Women Look Like Naked. Really

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Love your ever changing body and everybody elses. It’s a wee journey in life and like everything else it goes up and down, fluctuates. Ups and downs. Ebbing and flowing. Get in the boat and set sail.

The Daily Think

I normally see semi clad women on a fashion shoot, so my perspective has been somewhat distorted. That and all the magazines. Well might I suggest a trip to your local swimming pool. Gentlemen (and I think you already know this) This is what the majority of women look like really. You naughty lying magazines, you.


swimming ool changing roomssml

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2014 Favourites so far

That’s us nearly half way through February already, (how the heck did that happen so fast?! ) And it has been a pretty eventful year so far. Just before Christmas I moved into a new flat, got it done up real nice, ended a long term relationship, endured endless Christmas songs about how rubbish it would be to be single at that time of year, and I became a doggy parent. It’s not all bad though, change is good and these things just make you stronger. In all honesty things haven’t quite settled down yet and I’ve been a bit of a stress head so far this year. My motivation to get stuff done has been at an all time low, but I’m working on it. I think that everyone at some point in their life has suffered from some sort of mental health problem, and I think the best thing to do sometimes is to admit these things and be honest about what you’re going through. I would like to touch on these issues and my ongoing experiences of them in another blog another time, so please let me know if you think you would find that helpful.

Anyway, because I haven’t written anything for a really long time and I feel I have so much to share this may be quite long!

So firstly, I would like to introduce you to my beautiful greyhound Lola.


I adopted her through the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary in August 2013. She is a 3 years old brindle, and an ex-racer. I filled out a form on their website once I was sure that I really wanted to be a responsible dog owner and that I could give her all the love a dog would need. Then they came to my flat, and discussed my lifestyle and what kind of dog I would be looking for, ideal age and if I could cope with a dog who barks/ has issues with other dogs. Greyhounds have really got the most beautiful caring natures though and Lola is so docile and cuddly and she never barks. She is patient and loves to play, and sleeps even more than me! Having a dog was really important for me as I don’t enjoy being by myself and Lola has added a lot to my life since I got her. It is a huge responsibility though and has affected things I can/can’t do, things you don’t even think about, like just trying to get a taxi to take both of us!



I spent some time before I got her looking for a really nice collar for her and I ended up finding this beautiful purple renaissance style one, I’m not sure what seller I got it from on Ebay, but I also found this shop called slouching hound and they are all so beautiful! I’ll definitely be purchasing one from their shop. Have a look if you have a dog and want something a bit different from your usual collars and leads, and they are pretty affordable too! People comment on Lola’s all the time.

Me and Lola moved house just before Christmas, as I said, and it has been brilliant having the freedom to pick wallpapers and style it myself ( with help from my mum of course!). I picked a really beautiful 70’s style paper for my room called Trippy by Superfresco Easy. You can get it here:

I’ve changed it around a wee bit since these photos and bought an amazing old dresser from one of my favourite Aladdin’s caves for cheap retro furniture, which I’ll share in another blog, as I’ve bought so much of my home stuff from it!


It’s a total bargain price for such cool wallpaper, and now I love my chilled out psychedelic orange sleeping cave! The throw on my bed is actually one of my dads old curtains, but I love the poppy pattern and thought it added to the overall vibe.


I’ll take photos of the rest of the rooms and show you the other brilliant wallpapers I picked in another post! I never thought I would get so excited by decorating!

One of the other amazing things about this flat is that it has a communal launderette, and honestly I think it’s a great idea, you don’t need to take up space in your house with a washer/ dryer/ hanging clothes up and it is a great, super fast & efficient way to get all your stuff cleaned, as the machine can hold duvets and pilows etc, (they are huuuuge!)


The other thing that I love is that you get to know your neighbours and have nice wee chats with each other whilst you watch each others undies slosh around in the machines. Brilliant!

A few other things that I have really been loving lately:

Forever 21.


I went and did a total massive haul here in January, it was my first time in and I came back with so many awesome things. I’m actually scared to go back because I’ll spend too much, but this jumper with this kick-ass back detail was one of my favourite purchases. (excuse the state of my room here!) I also got monochrome leggings, with sharks and ones with bones on, leopard print shorts and a sleeveless leather look jacket. Still haven’t had the chance to wear half of it, bring on the warmer weather!

Coconut Water.


This stuff is so tasty, hydrating and has less sugar than your average fruit juice but still really sweet and tasty and full of vitamins and is totally natural too! I drink gallons of the stuff. The brand that I would recommend is Go Coco, and you can get it at most Tesco stores. They also sell Vita Coco, which is 48p more expensive and personally I much prefer the taste of Go Coco. Give it a try, but drink it ice cold!

Marcus Raynal Hislop.

This guy is insanely talented and I just bought an A3 print of one of his pieces of Iggy Pop. I absolutely LOVE it and can’t wait to put it up!


Definitely check out his work and I guarantee there’ll be something there you will fall in love with. He also does commissions. You can see his stuff here:

or get him on Facebook :

Have a great week!

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You may be confused that I have a Facebook account again… I did delete my personal account, but I made an art account to help me to share and sell my work, and I try to keep it as art related as I can. So there you go. You really can’t get by without using Facebook after all!

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