About Punkmorvs

Trying to maintain my sanity by writing things down.

This is my therapy and you’re my shrink .

Morven/30/ Scot living in Australia



2 thoughts on “About Punkmorvs

  1. Morvin I stumbled across your blog from something on my Facebook news feed and just wanted to say that I think your openness and deep honesty is a breath of fresh air. By writing your thoughts and musings down you will be helping others deal with, not only deep traumas (ie anorexia) but more usual niggles like insecurity and social anxiety. I really enjoyed reading your blog and hope you continue to look after yourself and do well. Ps loved the tip about singing Rage against the Machine to yourself when feeling intimidated etc….very cool.


    • punkmorvs says:

      Thanks Rhona, That’s lovely to hear. I find it really empowering to just be open and honest about these things. I stopped worrying about what people thought of me, (or at least I pretended to, ha!)and it really works for me! I’m glad you find it helpful and I hope you continue to enjoy it! Cheers for the lovely & kind words. x


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