A New Chapter




Our time in South Australia is coming to an end!

We finished up working at the winery and enjoyed a blissful week off without enduring 12 hour shifts in the now colder nights. Using Gumtree to search for jobs in Queensland mostly we applied to endless amounts of openings in tractor driving/Au-pairing/ seeding etc and it ended up we decided we would have to widen our search. Yesterday an employer got back to us about our application to work on a Sandalwood plantation, where they grow the trees to produce Sandalwood oil. We were definitely up for it as it fits in to the criteria for me to qualify for a second year visa, although it feels like i did 1000 days in that bloomin’ winery! ( In order to extend your one year working visa, you must do at least 88 days of paid agricultural work) The job is well paid , but it is actually in the middle of the outback in Northern Territory!

We agreed to the job but we have to be there in 10 days and it is a very rural 3000km drive from where we are now so there’s a fair amount of organizing to be done! This will be us on the road for a year or so now so we better be prepared! We bought a double swag (to sleep in under the stars) online so hopefully it arrives before we need to leave on Tuesday morning! Also today we bought an awning for the side of the car ( it’s gonna be pretty hot out there!), a UHF Radio as I don’t reckon we can rely on a mobile phone signal, spotlights to spot and hopefully avoid the ‘roos and we are getting the dual battery fitted tomorrow along with all of the wiring for the spotlights and radio.


Drawing our route from bottom to top (via Ayre’s Rock)

We still have lots of things to stock up on, like blankets, storage boxes, a fold-able ‘outback kitchen’ table, food and some other bits and bobs. It’s gonna be a tough game of Tetris fitting this all in!

As I want to document our trip in all its glory and stunning scenery, I may or may not have purchased a Go-Pro… Okay I DID!!!I plan on making some kick ass videos of our travels and also I CAN FILM UNDERWATER! Hell yeah! My fingers and toes and bangles and bows are all tied in anticipation that it arrives before we have to leave on Tuesday morning!


I made a quick out of breath video earlier whilst I was out for a run, so I’ll link that if you fancy a watch of me explaining all of this in a more vague and distracted manner..

Much love to you all, thank you for reading my blog and check out my You Tube and Instagram all of which I am known as HippyHooHa. Hope this wasn’t too dull for ya and I’ll try really hard to avoid getting eaten by any crocs so that I can continue my blog. And my life in general too ‘cos life is great.

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