Lola Update

I thought I was well overdue an update!

I have sorted so much stuff off my list!

Lola, my beautiful greyhound has been re-homed. It was a pretty sudden event, but in all honesty I have to give credit to The Greyhound Awareness League who within one week of contact had found a new home for her. They called me up on the Sunday to tell me they had found a new family to look after her. I avoided calling them back until Monday, and they requested to pick her up that evening. Last minute turned out to be better for me, because I was so upset that I couldn’t hold in the tears in the last few hours that Ii had with her. It was very emotional, and I’m very glad that my friend Danielle and Stu, plus my flatmate Micaela, were all there to help me with the process, I bagged up her bed, food and toys and she went away in the car with the woman from the Greyhound Awareness League. I know she will have a great life and that her staying here in Scotland is fairer than trying to transport her to Australia. Lola was more than just a dog to me. She was a best friend and she made us laugh so often that she will never be forgotten.

I’m feeling much more positive about things, and most definitely less stressed!

Only 25 days to go!


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