The earth laughs in flowers.

People always say “Aww just do what makes you happy.”

Actually I gotta disagree.

Doing what only makes YOU happy is not the solution to a happy life.

Making a conscious effort to ensure that not only yourself but ALL OTHER BEINGS are happy is.

Sorry for tonight, but I don’t feel like writing long things.

Just think about the following and make your own conclusions.

Suggestion to help your brain get moving:

Look up something fictional, that you loved, but never thought could exist, then search it on-line, find all of the evidence for or against that you can, and believe in your self of being capable enough to accept that maybe, just maybe that could be true. We’re not saying it definitely is or isn’t, but by the very act of accepting that it could be possible (thinking outside your human constraints and belief system), you are working out your brain and your pineal gland

You have just expanded your mind and your consciousness.

You’re not crazy.


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