A fair point.

An open letter to you on why I do not consume eggs/dairy/meat.

Please keep reading even if you think ‘pfft… vegan arsehole’

You should be educated in what you are consuming and the activities that your consumption perpetuates. If you read this/ watch these and feel happy to continue then feel free. I believe that every body’s opinion is valued, no matter what.

We are individuals and we choose how we live our own lives.

I would never judge anybody for any of their life choices. This is your experience, and I would certainly not attack any body for their personal choices. BUT I am allowed an opinion and this is my blog after all. 🙂

I do believe however that it is very important to be connected to your food and the truth of its production.

So many people are disconnected from the true source of their food by supermarket packaging.

This video is very interesting.

The general public seem unable to connect that sausages are made from pigs….

I was vegetarian as a child for many years and then eventually started eating meat again as a teenager. My parents never really ate a lot of meat anyway, and I never particularly enjoyed red meat.

Then many years of on/off vegetarianism ensued and eventually whilst living in Spain and consuming waaaay too much milk I felt ill and looked up some documentaries on what was actually going on with the dairy industry.

I tweeted in 2012 that after watching a certain documentary, I would never touch dairy again.

I was truly disgusted.

Just because it seems normal, doesn’t make it right. There is ALOT wrong with humans consuming milk meant for baby cows.

And so dairy was the first to go.

I felt much better after cutting out dairy from my diet and didn’t miss it, although I was never a massive cheese fan. (I feel for those of you who love it and want to give it up)

Then I watched a lot of documentaries about animal treatment. Funnily enough a lot of the foods that vegetarians eat are the worst ones. Eggs and dairy.

You love animals? You wouldn’t eat a cat or dog.


If you can answer that and justify that you would eat a pig then I’d love to know. Are they cuter?

I used to eat meat and I would say that the reason why was because I hadn’t been educated on what actually goes on with factory farming.

I have friends who hunt. My boyfriend eats meat. In fact he ate the biggest steak the other day in front of me. It doesn’t bother me. I’m not trying to convert you. I’m just asking you to question or ask yourself why you eat meat?

Our ancestors did it? (P.S. They did a lot of questionable things)

The problem I guess is that the younger generations just see sausages as sausages and pigs as cute or funny, eggs as food not baby chickens (male chicks get crushed in machines btw as they can’t produce eggs)

They see cows milk as yummy and a great source of calcium, rather than milk from cows that are kept pregnant in a shed for their whole life pumped full of hormones to keep them pregnant and giving birth to baby cows who they see for 20 minutes and are then taken away and slaughtered as veal.

(Cows are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, their milk contains pus and blood and you can get more calcium from green vegetables than from dairy milk.)

Don’t forget that the dairy and meat industry is worth millions.

Would you let your dog be pumped up to a machine all day and have its babies taken off it and sold as meat? It is a cow or a sheep or a pig but they suffer just as you or your dog or cat suffer. Animals ultimately want to survive and they pain when their young are taken away from them.

If you get angered by this, then I can only assume you are in denial. If you are going to eat meat then stand up proudly and say ‘Yes, I understand fully what goes on in this industry and I am still happy to eat it.’

If not then you are disconnected from the earth you stand on. If you cant kill it then maybe you shouldn’t eat it. Farming is not as rosy as you have been told it is so, please educate yourself.

Then feel free after that to shout at me for not being like you.

Just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I want to convert you, I don’t need you to point out the flaws in everything I do. I’d like it if we could just get along.

I’m just trying to show you a truth about what you consume and maybe never thought to question before now.

There is so much suffering occurring in order for humans to obtain meat and dairy.  I consume neither and I am full up and healthy.

I feel better than I ever have.

Please watch this.

With an open mind and an open heart.

Please remember I don’t want to argue, I just want to share and if you don’t agree then that is totally cool.

Thank you.

Love you,

Morv x



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