A plan is not a plan until it’s said out loud

So, a plan is not really a plan until it’s written, at least that’s what I think. It’s the first step to getting everything moving.

Here’s the first draft of my plan.

I’m writing it as fact.

Me and my beautiful man Stu are going to travel this year to South East Asia.

We are leaving Scotland in October.


Flying to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Travelling through Vietnam to Laos. Then into Cambodia. From there we go to Thailand.

The plan is to take our time, spend longer periods in the cheaper places, and then finally in December, fly from Kuala Lumpur to Australia and spend Christmas 2015 with his family.

Then my one year visa starts and we travel to the Whitsundays and live and work there for a while.

And then who knows?

What needs to be done to make this happen?

Well, a lot.

A whole lot of saving needs to happen.

A pro-active Morv needs to rise up out of the lazy one that currently exists.

The plan?


Draw like I’ve never drawn before.




Save half of all the money I make from drawing and burlesque.

Save it and we will go!

I think the best way to look at it is how easy it is to spend money.

It is just as easy to save and more fulfilling.

Save a hundred pounds, thirty times. 


Think positive.

We want this and we WILL make this happen.

People have done crazier things.

One of my ideas is to start making clothing with my artwork.

Would you buy something?

What would you like?

Would you buy a t-shirt/vest with my designs on?

559713_505862096174491_1878437794_n 1005674_505862336174467_1165802892_n

Please let me know.

And before you ask, Lola has a beautiful home with one of my best friends whilst I’m away.

She’s in safe hands.

As am I with Stu.



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5 thoughts on “A plan is not a plan until it’s said out loud

  1. birdbones says:

    Yay Morv! You can do it!


  2. birdbones says:

    Yay Morv! You can do it x


  3. Carla Corneli says:

    Go for it Morven! I would buy a T shirt with your design on it for sure! xx


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