Life without Facebook.

So it’s been a week or so and I have to confess, I haven’t fully deleted my Facebook account yet, it is only deactivated (which basically means as soon as I sign in again, everything’s is still there!) It’s painfully hard not to keep signing in and deactivating again! I haven’t deleted it completely yet, because I am trying to get all of my photos downloaded but couldn’t get them all off at once. (I have that many photos, I don’t think the computer could cope to be honest)

So, I feel like I’m in Facebook limbo, and I’m on holiday in Barcelona so not having a computer meant I couldn’t resolve my picture problem yet. If you have any advice about getting photos from Facebook in a fast easy way then please let me know!

My sister had then told me that she could still see my profile on FB lastnight and although I was annoyed at myself for deciding to sign back in on my phone, whilst out drinking with friends in BCN, it was also GREAT because I had found out that I had won a Sailor Jerry’s guitar through an Instagram competition and had to let them know my address through FB. Do you think that was a sign for me not to delete my FB account? I never win anything and they required me to use that means of communication to collect my prize. (It takes up to 14 days for delivery, but photos will be coming asap once the bad boy arrives!!!)

I’m missing out on invites to parties and events cos lets face it, no one sends physical invites anymore unless they’re getting married or are planning their kids 1st birthday party, and even then, the kids all probably have FB already. I’ll probably be forgotten about. Never to be seen at any more social events again.

For years I loved FB, don’t take it the wrong way. But that is why I had to get off it. I realised how ironically anti social a social network can be. There’s so much falseness, and time wasting (in my opinion and from my personal experience) and I really wanted to start living life away from FB. I’m still quite addicted to Instagram, but at least I’m spending slightly less of my lifetime aimlessly browsing through others lives instead of living my own to the fullest. We are so nosey these days.

Well, I’m going to try focus more on doing stuff in real life which I can write about on this blog, and encourage others to be arty and express themselves in other ways than a rant on FB (yes, I’ve done it too a million times too)

So hopefully expect some nice little art blog posts, projects, tutorials, maybe even some videos.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves !



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