“The reality of the other person lies not in what he reveals to you, but what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says, but rather to what he does not say.” ― Khalil Gibran

I used to want everything in life to be perfect.

To feel like a beautiful song.

For everybody to understand everything I was going through and to take it seriously and with empathy.

I realise now, that is crazy.

That is crazy because, everything is already perfect. What is special to you wouldn’t be if everyone else could feel the same, it is unique to you. Your thoughts, your pain, your joys, your vain. They are yours and only yours.

Those things that you cannot explain. They make you cry with laughter, with joy, with sympathy, sometimes you don’t even know why you are feeling that way.

Things that make you feel a part of something bigger. Sometimes you connect with someone. Not always, because then it wouldn’t be as recognisable, as definable, as special. But sometimes. You connect.

You find everything in this moment is incredible, beyond words, beyond explanation. It is perfect.

You realise that so are you. You are perfection.

Yin Yang.

I am a hot mess. All over the place. But then I have my moments.

Everything in that moment feels incredible.

It is balanced by the chaos of everyday life. Sometimes everything feels wrong.

There is no light without the dark.

I have learnt that there will always be dark, but don’t accept it, acknowledge it nor encourage it,  instead open yourself up to more life, don’t fight the dark. Bring more light into your life and naturally it will fade.

“Love breeds love.

Hate breeds hate.

Let’s breed love.

Let’s celebrate.” – Punkmorvs


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