“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Yesterday I wrote out 100 things that I love in no particular order. You should try it. I guess I thought it was important to try not to choose too many superficial items or belongings & see the small pleasures in life that I take for granted.

I could write all of mine out but that would take forever (and some may or may not be suitable for public view! haha!)

So here’s a few of the 100 things I wrote that I love…

  • 007: Walking barefoot on cool grass in summer
  • 055: Random acts of kindness
  • 060: Eating frozen bananas
  • 006: Cuddles in bed
  • 067: Not knowing what life is about
  • 070: The smell of fiberglass & diesel because they remind me of dad
  • 069: Travelling in a car late at night with the orange flash of the streetlights in the window as you pass them
  • 057: The sound of wood pigeons & doves
  • 086: Pickled things
  • 099: Setting an alarm when you’re having a lie-in so you can really appreciate being able to go back to sleep
  • 004: The smell of your skin when you’ve been to the beach
  • 031: Seeing shapes in the clouds
  • 059: Long journeys where you forget you ever have to get off somewhere at the other end
  • 081: Crocheting
  • 092: Smiling
  • 030: Colours
  • 080: Playing outdoors
  • 001: Waking up in a sunny room
  • 042: That first gulp of cold beer or wine at the weekend, it’s always the best
  • 020: Seeing people on the train get a nice message & smile to themselves 🙂
  • 036: Anything cooked with garlic
  • 041: Watching the stars and moon from the rooftop
  • 009: Apples from the fridge


It’s a nice exercise to do, and I really love that I now have a list of all these amazing things so I won’t forget about them.

It’s given me a sense of appreciation and thankfulness

That’s me being a turtle.



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